MEAN WELL Europe Technical Training, unveiling “3+N” Innovative Power Supply Solutions

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EUMW Marketing Dep./ Tammy Chen
MEAN WELL Europe has recently closed a 2-day Technical Training Session in October 2023 at its office in Amstelveen. Marked as the first in-person technical event post-pandemic, the Training has gathered together 13 highly knowledgeable professionals from the company's distribution network. During the session, the company introduced its latest offerings on “3+N Product Line” and provided hands-on exposure with its products.

The event began with the introduction of “EXPO website”, an unified digital platform via which MEAN WELL communicates its products and innovations to its customers. The platform has been upgraded to a brand-new version earlier this year, with a more user-friendly interface, and it continues to provide the up-to-date information to MEAN WELL’s partners and customers. 

The highlight of the event was the presentation of MEAN WELL’s most recent “3+N” products, including DLC-02, NPB, NTS, BIC-2200, and DRS-240. “3+N” product line is known for its flexibility to customize solutions with MEAN WELL’s Rack Power, Modular Power, System Power and other products to meet customer’s needs. The latest offering includes digital communication features, enabling higher flexibility, efficiency, and smarter charging for complex battery applications. Reflecting MEAN WELL’s dedication to pioneer, these products promise to bring innovation to the market while ensuring a reliable performance.  

The event went beyond the introductions, providing the participants with hands-on experience with the setting of CANBus and MODBus protocols during workshops. This practical exposure allowed the participants to grasp the products' functionalities and envision how these solutions could serve their markets.
MEAN WELL's Technical Training was a celebration of the professional excellence of its partners, who have polished their technical expertise and consistently delivered high-quality services to customers throughout Europe. Beyond fostering mutual growth with its partners, this event also showcased the company's direction towards sustainability, digitalization, and innovation. As the leader in the power supply industry, MEAN WELL will continue to set the standards for innovation and quality in the field.