MEAN WELL Empowers Luis Mengual's Record-Breaking E-Hyperkart: A Journey of Speed and Innovation

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EUMW Marketing Dep./ Valerie Wang

In August 2023, the Guinness world record for the fastest electric kart was achieved by Luis Mengual. He accelerated the kart from 0-60mph within 1.866 seconds and successfully broke his own record of 2.218 seconds, recorded in June 2019. As the pioneer in the power supply industry, MEAN WELL Europe and MEAN WELL's distributor OLFER are proud of joining forces with Mengual, providing not just financial backing but also essential products to the success of his e-hyperkart. 

Luis Mengual, a passionate professional in electronics, motorsports, and automotive electric vehicles, began his pursuit of the Guinness project in 2015. He designed and built this high-performance 100% electric prototype entirely by himself. Driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of speed and technology, not only did he clinched a Guinness World Record for 0-60 mph acceleration, but Luis also aimed higher and eventually broke the new records. The journey took him almost 8 years.

MEAN WELL’s solution played an important role in Luis Mengual’s Guinness World Record-breaking e-hyperkart project. Luis integrated MEAN WELL’s high voltage products into his design, including the CSP-3000 power supplies for efficient battery charging and an NTU-3200 inverter with accumulators and solar panels for sustainable power supply. Both MEAN WELL’s standard products provide vast design flexibility and a high efficiency of up to 92-93%. The integration enhanced the kart’s charging performance and eco-friendly profile.
The success story of Luis Mengual’s achievements, supported by MEAN WELL and OLFER’s dedication, stands as an inspiration to aspiring innovators globally. It shows how expertise and dependable power solutions come together, setting the stage for a future where innovation and sustainability combine to achieve incredible milestones in the automotive world.

After the achievement, Luis was interviewed by the Spanish TV. “After 22 hours without sleep and many km, the effort was worth it. ” Luis shared with MEAN WELL.

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