No more counterfeit! MEAN WELL is determined to fight for the trademark and intellectual property

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MEAN WELL is the global leading brand of standard power supply, has been dedicated to the power supply industry for the development, manufacturing, and sales for more than three decades. Has become the most reliable power partner of customers.

Recently MEAN WELL found out that some unscrupulous manufacturers used the company names and trademarks which are similar to MEAN WELL to establish official websites, e-commerce channels, and exhibitions to send out brochures and sell imitation of MEAN WELL products to confuse consumers. Which has not only violated MEAN WELL’s trademark rights but also caused confusion for our customers, and constitute an illegal act that trademark infringement and unfair competition. In order to protect MEAN WELL’s brand rights and interests, MEAN WELL has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer with the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court to take actions against infringements and intellectual property rights of MEAN WELL products. After the case was heard by the court, we won the case and got the compensation a while ago.

MEAN WELL has always valued our intellectual property and maintained the brand image, and monitored multiple sales channels such as physical stores and e-commerce platforms. As concerned for the application for the trademarks which are similar to MEAN WELL, we will pay attention on them and propose objections opportunely and actively take brand and trademark rights protection actions. We would like to tell those manufacturers who have similar trademark infringement or unfair competition, stop the infringement immediately, so as to avoid the litigation.

We would like to call for to our consumers to continue to support genuine MEAN WELL power supply and decline to buy those imitation of MEAN WELL products that come from unknown resources or unauthorized distributors. All the authorized distributors, e-commerce channels, and exhibition shops can be searched on MEAN WELL official website, with corresponding official authorization certificate or website. If the product cannot be identified from the label to recognize whether it is genuine or pirated, consumers can enter the product serial number on the MEAN WELL official website to identify the authenticity of the product. (
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