MEAN WELL HEP-1000C Won 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award

The 29th Taiwan Excellence Awards Ceremony, the supreme honor for Taiwan products, was held a few days ago. This year, more than 600 manufacturers and more than 1,000 products participated in the Taiwan Excellence Award. MEAN WELL HEP-1000C, Harsh-Environment-Proof Intelligent Power Supply, won the honor.
HEP-1000C is an excellent product for charging solutions in the harsh environment. HEP-1000C features fanless and full potted design, IP67 rated, communication protocol, and -40℃ to +70℃ wide temperature range. With Smart Battery Charger Programmer SBP-001, the 3-stage programmable charging curves, charger/power supply switching mode can be controlled easily.
The above highlights allow HEP-1000C to adapt to harsher environments such as high humidity, unshielded, dusty, and extreme temperature, etc., and can be applied to diverse industries including: 5G stations, Netcom equipment, and E-vehicles, Automated Guided Vehicle(AGV), Autonomous Mobile Robot (ARM), green energy/energy storage systems... etc.
In recent years, MEAN WELL saw the potential of the long-term development of green energy and direct current systems, proposing the concept of DC House. We will continue to launch related products in the next few years. Please stay tuned.

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