MEAN WELL Welfare Public Donations: Media News Updated!

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By: Yvonne Chen/MEAN WELL Group Marketing Center
Suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, many social welfare organizations have difficulties in fundraising. MEAN WELL invited global partners to join the " 3% Stimulation Plan” to reboot Industrial recovery last September. One part of the welfare public funds are donated to those organizations in need, to help them get through this tough period.
With a secession of charity donations hosted by MEAN WELL and its overseas branches as well as distributors all over the world, we got many positive news and appreciations from local media and foundations. MEAN WELL Marketing Center is honor to collect all the information and update it into the table below from time to time.
On behalf of MEAN WELL, we thank you for your warming sponsors and hopefully the pandemic will end soon.
Region Donated Community Summary Media News
Malaysia Rumah Victory  MEAN WELL ASEAN Office donated Rumah Victory to help lonely elderly LINK
Korea  Fruit of Love Social Welfare   MEAN WELL Korea Office and distributors donated Fruit of Love Social Welfare Community to help disadvantaged families tide over difficulties LINK1 LINK2
Region Donated Community Summary Media News
Netherlands NL Taipei school, disadvantaged groups, etc. MEAN WELL Europe donated US$207,000 to support the Dutch Taipei Chinese School, Myra G-Hockey Club, Muziek in huis Association, De vrolijke noot Association, Dutch Food Bank, Amstelveen Hope Tree Project, Brentano Senior Social Welfare Organization, Fietsmaatjes disabled double Bicycle Association, Kinder postzegel Children's Welfare Organization, Amsterdam Impact Ecological Organization and Amstelveen Food Bank. LINK