Providing the Power of Stability

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By: Patrick Wang/Chief Sustainable Officer

MEAN WELL, the leading brand of the global standard power supply, has established the MEAN WELL Prevention Site since the outbreak of the epidemic in January 2020, based on the concept of "having good intentions, caring about our partners, providing the power of stability and assisting industry recovery". Actively implement epidemic prevention measures, promote industrial recovery plan and prevent the epidemic with our partners.
In Q4 of 2020, MEAN WELL proposed a 3% Stimulation Plan, and promised to provide 3% of the group's turnover in the Q4 of 2020 as industry reward fund and charity fund. The industry reward funds are directly reward to distributors and end customers, while charity funds are extensively used to donate to charity groups and set up scholarships. The current implementation status is good and the response is warm.

At the same time, MEAN WELL promoted the improvement of SCM and supply chain forecast system, the levelling of production and sales. Proactively absorbed exchange losses and increased price costs, and opened up payment in advance to relieve difficulties. We are well aware that companies cannot pay attention to their own good without thought of others and require the recovery of the entire industry to resume normal operations.

In December 2020, Pan MEAN WELL Group promoted the SDG sustainable development plan, with the corporate slogan "Reliable Partners, Sustainable Development", and follow the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the goal. Pan MEAN WELL Group is formed by MEAN WELL, PowerNex, SHARE WELL and MEAN WELL Foundation, hopes to create a better environment for the next generation!
Recently, various coronavirus vaccines have been launched one after another, and the industry has begun to gradually recover, but panic orders have skyrocketed, resulting in an imbalance in the supply and demand of the industry, lack of materials, price increases, and extended delivery periods…etc. Thanks to the support of our supply partners, MEAN WELL will continue to provide the power of stability and assist industry recovery!
    • Stable delivery: In order to avoid the panic orders from customers, orders with higher than 1.2 times of increase compare to quarterly average in the past need to be distributed in delivery dates. It is also announced that the output of some models is limited due to the shortage of some special parts.
    • No price increase: In addition to EOL models that have been announced to be discontinued, we will also review other specific modified models (lower than the standard product price) and customers with long payment.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our procurement and sales window, thank you.

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