Letter to Global Partners

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By: Patrick Wang/Chief Sustainable Officer

Dear Partners,

MEAN WELL has established the Prevention Site(Link) since the outbreak of the epidemic in January 2020, based on the concept of "having good intentions, caring about our partners, providing the power of stability and assisting industry recovery", as well as providing epidemic countermeasures/announcements on every Monday. It has also successively promoted the 3% Stimulation Plan in 2020 Q4, absorbed the material price increase, implemented 1.2 Times Inventory Allocation Program to balance between production and sales, Load Shifting for Stabilizing Growth, Steady Job and Stable Supply, Lead-time Guarantee Program, etc. At present, the epidemic situation of virus variants is resurgent, the whole staff still maintain normal epidemic prevention, promote vaccination lottery, and MEAN WELL has provided power of stability for nearly 20 months.

All members of the group are safe and healthy. As of July 31, the vaccination rate was 76.3%, and 12 lucky people who completed the vaccination were in the lucky draw on August 2. The lucky draw next month will be extended to employee families / cooperative factories / key suppliers. Thanks to the support of partners, MEAN WELL is one of the few in the industry who is still capable to maintain normal delivery date.

Since the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays from 9/18~9/21, China national holidays from 10/1~10/7, and Taiwan national holidays from 10/9~10/11, many employees have not returned home during the epidemic, as panic orders taken all the reserved inventory needs to be supplemented, the production and sales policies are adjusted as follows:

1. The production lead time for new orders will be extended to 60 days from 8/30. In stock items can be delivered in advance.
2. Starting in September, the monthly stocking order promotion will be cancelled, but if the order can be placed after the 25th of each month, distributors might still able to enjoy this promotion after approval. 
3. The 60-day lead time is applicable on “Lead-time Guarantee Program”.
4. MEAN WELL will reserve the right to rearrange the monthly average of more than 1.2 times/half year monthly average order received.
5. A 0.3% / day storage fee will be charged if the delivery is overdue for more than 7 days.

Please contact your sales window if you have any questions. We apologize for any inconvenience may have caused.

Founder: Jerry Lin
Chief Operating Officer: Kevin Chen
Chief Sustainable Officer: Patrick Wang
Director of Greater China: Alex Tsai
Director of Overseas Districts: Ted Cheng