SDG Group Leading Partners Rebound from the Downturn

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Overseas CEO / Ted Cheng
Looking back at 2022, with the joint efforts of all employees within the group, the company achieved outstanding results with a consolidated revenue of NT$44.53 billion, representing a growth of 18.7% compared to the previous year. In terms of brand expansion, according to the March 2023 report by Micro Technology Consultant, MEAN WELL improved its ranking by one spot in the global power supply manufacturer rankings, at the 3rd position and sustaining the leadership as a standard power supply brand.
Facing challenges such as an economic downturn, stagnant consumption, inflation, and intensified competition among major nations in 2023, the group will continue to invest globally to strengthen its foundation. By expanding the SDG Industrial Value Network and collaborating with partners, the group will explore new dimensions of service. The group, together with its partners, will continue to:
  • Promote global standardization of power supplies, continuously expand the product line and ensure stable supply, leveraging MEAN WELL's distribution system to provide a one-stop shopping service for a broader range of standard power supplies and peripheral components. We aim to reach 2 billion by 2024, marching forward with our partners. Construct the SDG Industrial Value Network and deeply integrate the upstream and downstream supply chains, breaking the original competitive relationship to pursue more comprehensive expansion and stimulate flexibility, thus creating greater resilience.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest MEAN WELL standard power products, solutions, industry application information, and technological updates (certifications, intelligent control, etc.) through the monthly updated MEAN WELL EXPO and MEAN WELL APP. This will enhance the speed of product promotion, and we welcome our global partners to make the most of these resources.
  • SDG SHARE+ APP 2.0, the shared machinery system, has been launched, featuring new functions such as sharing my friends and family activities (integrating Outlook calendar sharing with designated friends and family), combining SDG points with activity points for deduction, and introducing gifting feature. Through the SDG sharing platform, employees, customers, suppliers, collaborative partners, and ESG partners can collaborate, enhance the company's social impact through sharing and value sharing, and contribute more resources to society, creating a positive cycle.
  • The SDG Group has planned the "SDG Sustainable Development Porcelain Plate" and "SDG Cooperation Memorial Bronze Sculpture" to achieve sustainable development goals. Through cultural artworks with a sense of heritage, they symbolize the meaning and legacy of SDG Group's collaborative partnerships and sustainable development. (Link)

The current economy and market pose numerous challenges and variables., MEAN WELL, a global standard power supplies leader, is fully prepared to embrace recovery and continue leading its partners toward excellence and a promising future!