Pursuing Excellence, Heading towards the Future

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Dear Partners,

Founded in April 1982, MEAN WELL has operated for 41 years and two months. On June 19, 2023, we will hold the re-election for the next board of directors and supervisors of MEAN WELL. I will be running for the position of SDG Group founder but will no longer serve as chairman. I will gradually step back and take a behind-the-scenes role. Nothing lasts forever as people age, but companies strive for sustainability.

We have all faced challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ukraine-Russia conflict, geopolitical issues, rising prices, stagnant inflation, and an era of uncertainty. Social issues like declining birth rates and decreased motivation to work have also affected MEAN WELL. Our revenue from January to May declined by 6.9% compared to last year's period. The order-to-sales ratio was 0.62, and the group's operating coefficient was 0.99. Detailed financial reports for the year's first half will be presented to you in a financial briefing on July 19 by the new chairman.

The SDG Group promotes "Pursue Excellence, Sailing into the Future" to accelerate the "Industrial Recovery." MEAN WELL Group, PowerNex Group, and SHARE WELL Group will gradually develop independently. PowerNex will integrate group resources with computerized management as an accelerator to support the sustainable development of each company. At the same time, we will develop shared machines and a shared economic model. By utilizing shared system service tools, we aim to enhance the operational efficiency of business partners and the development and sales of products. Creating a virtuous cycle of social responsibility will positively influence social, environmental, and economic concerns.

SDG Group's Management Team
I incorporated nine of the United Nations' sustainable development goals into the group's sustainable business development blueprint to achieve sustainable development goals. SDG Group will collaborate with global partners to construct an industrial alliance. We have planned the "SDG Sustainable Development Porcelain Plate" and the "SDG Collaborative Commemorative Bronze Sculpture." Through these culturally significant artworks, we hope to present them to SDG members as a symbol of the group's initiation of SDG action plans. Together, we will protect the earth and move towards a sustainable and brighter future for the next generation.

SDG Sustainable Development Porcelain Plate / SDG Collaborative Commemorative Bronze Sculpture / ESG Corporate Qualification Certificate

In the post-pandemic era, the group should strengthen trusted partnerships and jointly construct the SDG industry value network, becoming a stable force. From 6/19, MEAN WELL will return to the 30-day production lead time, maintain stable supply, and cooperate with partners to "assist Industry Recovery"; issue a new price list, and the old and new price lists can be applied simultaneously. As a global leader in standard power supplies, MEAN WELL is well-prepared to rebound from the downturn quickly and continue leading partners in pursuing excellence towards a promising future. For detailed information, please visit our SDG website (Link).

SDG Group founder / Jerry Lin