DC House|NHDD Series: DC 380V Input LED Driver

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By: Rex Lin/ Product Manager

In LED lighting applications, MEAN WELL has always provided a variety of products and lead the market. This time, MEAN WELL will once again define a new high voltage DC 380V centralized bus application, and will continue to lead the market to become a pioneer in DC power grid of lighting applications. This coincides with the developing trend that countries around the world have begun to implement of energy saving and carbon neutrality, how to combine renewable energy sources, and effectively integrate DC power grid and energy storage systems. MEAN WELL will continue to provide products corresponding with this goal in order to reduce the loss in the power conversion and create new DC power grid lighting applications.

With more than 35 years of experience in power supply design and manufacturing, MEAN WELL will define a new DC centralized bus and DC power grid lighting applications, which can be used with MEAN WELL enclosed-type and NHDD-40 DC-DC LED driver to provide complete DC power grid lighting solution. In addition, the DC centralized bus can also be combined with the DC power grid of a renewable energy system to reduce loss in the power conversion and integrated into an energy storage system (ESS). Therefore, the application of the DC centralized bus in buildings (DC House) will no longer be just a concept. In the future, the integration of DC power grid in new buildings will be necessary infrastructure. To use of DC centralized bus to reduce the loss of power conversion and the application of energy storage systems (ESS) will achieve a complete “DC world”.

MEAN WELL leads the market and is the first to release the NHDD-40 series, which can be directly operation with a DC 380V centralized bus system, convert constant current output and use with LED luminaire. DC power grid lighting application can reduce overall installation cost and power conversion loss. MEAN WELL will drive market trend of DC power grid lighting application. DC power grid lighting can also integrate into a DALI or KNX building automation systems. If you need to use the SELV low voltage DC 48V centralized bus, MEAN WELL can also provide the NLDD-H series, with DC 48V input LED drive for lighting applications. In the future, whether it is DC 380V or DC 48V centralized bus, MEAN WELL will offer corresponding solutions. DC centralized bus can also be provided to general electrical products, directly replacing traditional AC 230V, effectively reducing power conversion loss and total power cost.


  • DC 380V high voltage bus input voltage operation
  • Wide output forward voltage design
  • Constant current output design
  • High efficiency up to 95%
  • Dimming function: PWM signal
  • Protections: Over temperature/ Short circuit
  • Compact size (Driver on board by option)
  • 5 years warranty

NHDD-40 Series