KDA-64~KNX/DALI Gateway

KDA-64 is a gateway to bridge digital DALI lighting system and KNX installation which is an intelligent solution for networking and controlling building technology. As a result, room-based lighting control is conveniently incorporated into the higher-level KNX building management system.
Besides the basic functions which are switching and dimming on 64 lights(LED drivers), 16 pre-programmed lighting scenarios may also be stored and retrieved with user preferences. Moreover, the gateway provides a lighting effect control system which allows lights or light groups to be included in dynamic light moods. This allows brightness scenarios to be implemented across one or more DALI groups or single DALI units or scenes. Another additional function is KDA-64 may also be included in DALI emergency lighting systems.
The DALI gateway is configured via buttons of front panel, Web browser and through a plug-in embedded in the ETS software when building the KNX project.

              • KNX proof gateway
              • Easy configuration & installation
              • Connect up to 64 DALI drivers
              • Built-in DALI power supply
              • LCD 2x12 display
              • Lighting control via the button
              • Lighting control via the integrated web server
              • Up to 16 DALI lighting groups setting
              • Up to 16 DALI scenes setting
              • 3 year warranty


KDA-64 Series