LDH-25/65Series 25/65W DC/DC LED Power Supply

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By: Rex Lin/Product Manager

Global warming has drawn enormous attention to the green energy and DC House application; many countries start to promote energy-saving and safer electricity usage. MEAN WELL develops direct current (DC) input LED drive power supply : LDH-25/65 series for green energy LED lighting applications, including LED solar street lights or equipment with secondary battery applications, such as camping car/Yacht applications. LDH-25/65 series provide customers options for reducing conversion losses between DC bus to AC/DC driver.

LDH-25/65W which are designed as step up mode DC/DC LED driver can be used with a secondary battery bus. It is suitable to operate with DC 12v or 24V Battery then boost output voltage for LED board, including 0-10V/PWM dimming function. It can be applied with a regular wall dimmer or wireless dimming controller. Each series can offer different output current, such as LDH-25 with 250/350/500/700 m A and LDH-65 with 700/1050/1400/1750 m A output current. Those output current spec is for most of solar lighting or interior lighting applications.  

MEAN WELL DC/DC Step Up LED Power Supply: LDH Family

Series Watt Vin      I out Dimming Style
LDH-25  25 9.5~32 V 250/350/500/700 m A 0-10V/PWM
45 A:9~18 V
B:18~32 V
350/500/700/1050 m A 0-10V/PWM
LDH-65  65 9.5~32 V 700/1050/1400/1750 mA   0-10V/PWM

LDH series offers two different connecting styles, PIN output design and lead wire design. A CE certification based on EN61347/EAC TP TC 004 and EN55015 /EN61547/EAC TP TC 020 regulations, which are suitable for lighting luminaire is acquired. Besides, step down LED power supply, NLDD-H/LDD-L/H series, is also provided for 48V DC bus system.

  • Wide DC input Voltage operation 9.5~32 V DC
  • Constant current output design
  • Wide output forward voltage design
  • High efficiency up to 96%
  • 2 in 1 dimming with 0~10/PWM 
  • Protections: Over Voltage/ Short circuit
  • Fully escapsulated
  • 3 years warranty


LDH-25 Series  LDH-65 Series