LCM /PWM- IoT Series 25~120W Bluetooth Mesh LED Driver for Intelligent lighting

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By: Rex Lin/Product Manager

As the 5G telecommunication booms, lighting products is expected to integrate with more intelligent control. The luminaires are no longer just lighting tools. Intelligent lighting is the market trend no matter in wired or wireless control. The ultimate goal is to integrate all lighting fixtures and home devices into the same network and control these devices through the APP. Users can easily control the lights, achieving energy, and asset management.

MEAN WELL released LCM-40/60BLE series, LED drivers with CASAMBI Bluetooth mesh module, in 2019. This year, two new Bluetooth mesh module brands, Tuya from China and Silvair from Poland, are added to LCM-IoT and PWM-IoT series. All models can be applied to any indoor or commercial luminaires. Conveniently, several functions, such as grouping, scenario, and timer schedule can be set through APP. In addition, users can use third-party compatible devices such as wall- switch or light sensor devices to build up their own intelligent lighting control system.
Complete wattage models are launched this time, including LCM-25/40/60 IoT series, constant current mode (C.C mode) design with adjustable current by dip-switch, and PWM-60/120 IoT series, constant voltage mode (C.V mode). Both series can be used for the same project. Besides, the LCM-25/40/60 BLE series is designed with Push dimming function, operated with traditional Push button to dim single-group luminaires. Not only is the traditional usage retained, but the lighting control also becomes more intelligent.

The Bluetooth low energy mesh networking solution not only can transfer audio streaming and data transfer but also can automatically connect devices as a self-organized networking system. The new technology for Bluetooth mesh function can solve one-by-one connect disadvantage and short distance transformation issues. Moreover, the Bluetooth mesh can act as an indoor tracking gadget by assessing the distance between lighting fixtures and mobile devices. The aforementioned technology is around the corner. In the near future, luminaires are no longer just lighting tools.       

  Output Mode   Series   Model  Brand
Constant Current (C.C) LCM- 025-IoT LCM-025BLE /LCM-025TY1 / LCM-025SVA BLE: Casambi
TY1: Tuya
SVA: Silvair
LCM- 040-IoT LCM-040BLE /LCM-040TY1 / LCM-040SVA
LCM- 060-IoT LCM-060BLE /LCM-060TY1 / LCM-060SVA
Constant Voltage (C.V)
PWM- 060-IoT PWM-060BLE / PWM-060TY1 / PWM-060SVA
PWM- 120-IoT PWM-120BLE / PWM-120TY1/ PWM-120SVA
PWM- 200-IoT Underdevelopment, launched in 2021 Q1


  • Constant Current output and adjustable by dip switch (LCM series)
  • Constant Voltage output with 12V/24V/48V (PWM series)
  • Flicker free design
  • Plastic housing and class II design without FG
  • Built-in active PFC function and Efficiency up to 92%
  • Dimming functions: Bluetooth Mesh and Push dim(LCM-BLE series)
  • Surge protection with 2KV(L-N)
  • Protections: Short circuit/Over voltage/Over temperature


    LCM-25 IoT Series  LCM-40 IoT Series    LCM-60 IoT Series   
    PWM-60 IoT Series   PWM-120 IoT Series