Product Revision Notice: Metal case manufacturing process change for environmental protection

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By: Sales Dept. / MEAN WELL Group
In order to become a comprehensive green enterprise, MEAN WELL continues to promote green concept and environmental protection in the material purchase, manufacturing process, and supply chains. Our goal is to contribute saving the environment for next generation and sustainable development.
In MEAN WELL's existing product lines, some of the enclosures are made of nickel-plated SPCC (steel punched and plated with nickel). However, the current nickel-plating manufacturing process will cause pollution to the environment. Hence, MEAN WELL have gradually switched to SGCC (Hot-dip Galvanized Steel) instead of SPCC since 2013. SGCC is a standard product of general steel company and it will not cause further environment pollution because of no additional plating process. Environmental protection is getting more important nowadays, SPCC products will be phased out and cause more supply issue in the near future.

The comparison table of cases made of nickel-plated SPCC and SGCC is as follows:

This material revision only leads to minor appearance change, and all the electrical specifications are still the same. In 2013, MEAN WELL has finished the revision for several product families: G3(RS/RD/RT/RQ) series, NES series as the first stage, and followed by LRS-series (launched on Apr.2015). Till now, the new version products have been accepted by the customers without any problem. The next stage is to apply the change to product series (including standard and modified models) listed in Table 1 gradually during April to June 2022. All these products will use SGCC metal enclosures after July 1st, 2022.
If you have any application problems during the transition, please don’t hesitate to contact your MEAN WELL sales representative.