NES Series Discontinued Announcement and Replacement Models Suggestion

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With the progress of science and technology, the components specifications and design technology continues to improve. The safety requirements for power supplies are constantly updated by many governments. Therefore, to enhance the competitiveness of products and brand image, MEAN WELL will gradually replace the old models, and provide the alternative recommended models for customers to choose from.

Per the current energy-saving trend as well as to meet the needs from extensive users for low power consumption design practice and system miniaturization, MEAN WELL officially unveils the new generation enclosed type power supply ~LRS series and widely recognized by the market
In addition, LRS series products take application requirements from various industries altogether into account, adopting a more streamlined circuitry topology design, fully enhancing the automation ability for production and complying with the international safety regulations of information technology equipment / industrial equipment / household appliance equipment. The thorough design consideration significantly raises the cost competitiveness of LRS family, and the global multi-industry certification approvals make it satisfy diversified applications from different industries.
Therefore, for NES series, MEAN WELL will gradually replace the NES series with the LRS series. The relevant discontinued schedule is listed on our website.
Please refer to the following link:

** We still maintain the planned production right now. The off-the-shelf stocks can be delivered in advance.
With the high product completeness and the high price-performance ratio, LRS family is anticipated to be the prevailing models in the industrial power supply market and continue pushing upward Mean Well’s leading position for industrial power supply. LRS family will be your best choice for end product’s power supply options and demanded applications, such as all kinds of industrial automation equipment and control systems, electromechanical apparatus, electronic equipment, household appliances, etc.
** NED / NET series will be replaced by RD / RT series models respectively.