The Industry Recovery / Stimulation Plan, MEAN WELL Launches a 3% Stimulation Plan to Reboot Industrial Recovery

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Since the beginning of the year, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the trade war between USA & China, the global economy has experienced a huge recession. The current global pandemic is still ongoing, and we can only hope the release of a vaccine will be sooner (COVID-19 has become like a type of influenza). As a global corporate citizen, MEAN WELL Group has envisioned becoming“a pioneer in the standard power supply industry”, and deeply believed that power supply is not the end product, but rather power supply orders heavily rely on the equipment needs of the final system design. Enterprises cannot survive alone but must think of others and need to team up both upstream and downstream supply chains to boost our “industry recovery”. Normal operations and normal life can only be resumed after the industry’s overall revival.


Based on the concept of “having good intentions, caring about our partners, providing the power of stability and assisting industry recovery”, MEAN WELL has now initiated its “Stimulation Plan to promote industry recovery”, and is calling on all global partners to join it and promote. The promotion period is from October 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.

The Stimulation Plan is as follows, you can choose from the following combinations to obtain the reward deduction:

1.   3% of the total Q4 purchased (shipped amount) from MEAN WELL Group within the time frame will be rewarded. You will need to pass down the discount to your customers and provide proof of your company's participation, such as posting the reward program on your website, or providing the monthly dollar amount rebate list of your customers. MEAN WELL will issue the credit note monthly and amount can apply to your payable on the following months..
2.   If the purchase amount of Q4 2020 has increased compared to Q4 2019 (quarterly purchase), 20% of the total increased purchase amount will be rewarded and MEAN WELL will initial the credit note in January 2021.

3.   50% of the total purchase amount of new models purchased in Q4 2020 (models were not purchased before September 30, 2020) will be rewarded and MEAN WELL will initial the credit note in January 2021.
* Note 1: The total amount of the above 1~3 rewards shall not be greater than 3% of the total purchase amount between your company and MEAN WELL Group and its branches in Q4 2020.
* Note 2: MEAN WELL group and its branches will contribute 3% of the total sales revenue of Q4 2020 to support this campaign. The total unclaimed reward balance will be donated to local charity. The details of deduction and donation will be officially announced by MEAN WELL welfare foundation in February 2021.
If you have any questions, please contact your MEAN WELL Sales Representative for more detail explanation.

Jerry Lin