DC High Voltage Centralized Power System-DALI-2 Digital Lighting Control Solution

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By: Tony Hsieh/Technical Dept.

"Electricity" is inextricably linked to and inseparable from everyone's life, but how much do general public know about it? The AC power source on the socket and the DC power used by equipment, such as computer or charger adapter output, computer USB interface, and other DC power supplies, is the "electricity" most readily accessible to consumers. Most electrical equipment for users is plugged into AC outlets directly, but what has been neglected is the components inside the equipment that convert the AC power to DC power via an "AC to DC power supply." The energy consumption and efficiency of the AC to DC power supply directly impact the whole system's power consumption and, hence, the overall national power system's power consumption.   

MEAN WELL, as a benchmark enterprise of standard power supply, devotes itself to innovating and developing high-efficiency products and researching solutions friendly to the environment, reducing energy consumption. The MEAN WELL power supply solutions are compatible with green energy power generation and energy storage systems in the future. In addition, the development of electric vehicles will also drive the application of DC high voltage output.

In fact, DC high voltage can be used in various industrial applications, including laser cutting, UV curing equipment, electrolysis equipment and DC centralized power supply applications. Furthermore, MEAN WELL provides a complete solution for DC high-voltage centralized power supply lighting. Application of DC high-voltage centralized power supply lighting is shared this time; the introductions about different high-voltage application methods will be illustrated in the following months. Stay tuned with us!

Figure 1 is an illustration of a DC high-voltage centralized power system application. The main concept the indoor equipment's electricity is supplied directly by DC; interior equipment's power supplies are changed to a more efficient DC to DC power supply. The equipment's primary power source is a high-wattage, high-efficiency AC to DC power supply. In this manner, the power supply parts of a single device can be considerably reduced, and excessive component pollution can be eliminated indirectly and the cost. In addition, the DC power supply system can be equipped with solar power, wind power, and other power generating and energy storage facilities to increase the utilization of renewable energy. It reduces conversion losses when utilizing AC power and scale down pollution from power plants.

Figure 1. DC High-voltage Centralized Power System Application - DC House Lighting

Figure 2 shows MEAN WELL DC high voltage centralized power supply – DALI-2 digital lighting control solution. The system operates as indicated in the introduction. For a centralized power supply, the front stage uses a 380V DC high voltage output power source; the backstage uses a DC to DC LED driver, and the lights employ a high voltage series connection to minimize power conversion loss and lighting expenses. For detailed solution descriptions, please click the video of the DC high voltage centralized power system – DALI-2 digital lighting control solution.


Figure 2. DC High-voltage Centralized Application - DALI-2 Digitalized Lighting Control

MEAN WELL actively advocates the application of DC high voltage centralized power supply and related high voltage products. The product line of DC high voltage and high power is complete. Please contact MEAN WELL distributors or MEAN WELL technicians directly for related products, applications and demo kits needs. Also, do not forget to stay tuned for online products and solutions courses at the MEAN WELL virtual expo.

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DC High Voltage Centralized Power System - DALI-2 Digital Lighting Control Solution