More diverse than you can imagine, the wide application of BIC-2200

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By: Simon Kuo/Product Strategy Center

With the enhancement of technology, human beings enjoy the unprecedent comfort and convenience; however, environmental issues and energy shortage follow. The arising environmental awareness and the urgent appeal for energy shortage solution expedite the development of renewable energy and green industry. In the past, Internal combustion engine and biodynamic are the major kinetic energy power transformation methods; yet now “battery with motor” is a much more common approach to achieve the objective of sustainability.
The battery, as an energy storage component, from R&D, manufacture, production, to the final application stages, will continue to perform charging and discharging to ensure that the output of the battery meets the specifications and characteristics, and to solve the problem of unstable energy supply during application. When the battery needs to continuously convert energy, it used to be accomplished through a charger and an inverter, and more people even use resistance discharge, which indirectly leads to an increase in volume and expense, as well as energy waste.

Fig. 1 Diagram of the AC-DC Bidirectional Switching Power Supply Application

As a global leader in standard power supplies, MEAN WELL has launched the bidirectional switching power supply, BIC-2200, which integrates the charger and inverter functions into a single unit to reduce the overall cost and volume. In addition to AC-to-DC or DC-to-AC conversion functions, BIC-2200 features high efficiency and 1ms seamless conversion. With complete safety regulations, it can be utilized in a variety of applications, from high-end battery research and development equipment to terminal battery balancing circuits.
The usage of batteries is nothing more than charging, energy storage and discharging. By choosing high conversion efficiency products, users can feasibly save electricity fee. Furthermore, the BIC-2200's bi-directional capability eliminates the need to purchase two machines. Increasing energy utilization, and advocating SDGs is the ultimate goal of the world and MEAN WELL. If you have any questions about BIC-2200, please contact MEAN WELL sales representative. 

Fig 2. Configuration of Formation and Grading System